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Certified Documents

Certification of Official Documents

All academic documents, professional qualifications and English translations of these documents, MUST be original documents or certified as a true copy of the original.

Every page of the document must contain all of the following elements:

  • An original stamp bearing the name of the person or organisation who verifies the document
  • Words in English to the effect of “I certify that this is a true copy of the original”
  • An original signature (photocopy not accepted)
  • The date of certification

Qualifications from the University of Adelaide do not require certification. (In certain cases this may also apply to qualifications from other Australian institutions.)

Applying Through In-Country Representatives / Agents

Agents who are representing the University of Adelaide have authority to sight original documents and provide certified, electronic copies when submitting the application.

Agent certification must comply with the criteria above.

Private (Direct) Applicants

Applicants who are not applying through an agent may submit electronic documents with their application. However, original documents, or copies bearing an original certification, must be posted to the University to be considered for an unconditional offer.

Scanned, electronic copies are not accepted from private applicants.

Documents posted to the University of Adelaide will not be returned to applicants.

Who can certify documents lodged with International Student applications?

  • An official agent or representative of the University of Adelaide when representing the applicant
  • A staff member of the University of Adelaide
  • A Justice of the Peace
  • A Notary Public
  • A Consular Official
  • A Commissioner for taking Affidavits
  • The registrar of the university that the transcript or parchment is from
  • A police officer
  • An examining authority

Where to send documents

Original and certified documents can be mailed to the relevant office:

Coursework applications   Research applications (PhD and Masters by Research)
Student Recruitment and Admissions Services
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005
  Adelaide Graduate Centre
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

If you have any questions or concerns contact Student Recruitment and Admissions Services.


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